Monday, March 19, 2012

YOU ..

FATHER . Dad . papa . i rarely can say these 3 magic words . In fact , i'm not used with these words, even though these words are the most 'saying' words among youngsters, children and sort of. LET me begin ...

when i was young , sometimes i whispered to myself "why there's no one that i can call my daddy" , sometimes i sat by myself and reminisce. The day he left me and my brothers is the day he left all his responsibility. HOW useless. If someone asked me at that time, " do u miss ur father?" i replied " No, he made my mum cried, i don't like it". If someone asked me at this moment , do u remember ur father?" i will reply " YES. i remember he left us, i remember how he broke my mom's heart, i remember the day he called my mum and confess everything ." In fact , i don't really need him in my life, even sometimes i really want to call someone as My father, my dad, my papa, but that's just a word which less in meaning.
A father means ; someone who could give u love , care , as a parent. Be an influence in their children’s lives, be involved, interact, and spend time with their children , love and nurture their children without harassment from the other parent, and participate in the parenting of children.There are many more, but these are the most important roles that they can play . Not money that can develop a child, not even a shelter that can protect them , but love, care and the way they treat are the things that could build them up, develop and give support to them.

How wonderful , day by day i kept saying to myself 'why's there nobody to call as my dad'. As i grew up , i saw and i felt there's someone who give me love, care, protect me, give shelters to me, interact with me, spend time with me, be involved in all my activities, attend and participate in my extracurricular activities and determine my faith in my religious.I Have three person in my life that i can categorize as above. My MOM, My Grandpa and My Grandma . i had HIM my 'BELOVED GRANDPA' i had her my 'WONDERFUL MOM' and 'My LOVELY Grandma . I don't need a FATHER , which i can just call him by name, but i need someone that i listed above. They are the person that had everything to comfort me well.

When i was a kid my grandpa bought me a DVD player and he always bought me CD (compact disc) to entertain me. Because i really love to sing / karaoke with my grandpa. We always sang a song together, he taught me how to sing well . My grandma always choose my favorite Cd and i will sing whenever i loved to. Sometimes my grandpa will cut us a banana tree, to took off the internal of the banana which is so delicious when he cooked for us. He did everything that we loved . He showed us how much he loved me and my brothers. He's the most polite , generous, loving person, and the greatest person i ever known. He live in my memories.
Sadly, he's no longer here with us . He left me with thousand tears, and there's so many sweet stories to tell about him. He left us because he knows we can live and stand on our own , he didn't left us when we are not able to walk, to run , or to stand in our own feet. He left us when we are ready and when we are able to . I LOVE U GRANDPA. You're not here with us but u live in our hearts. You live in our memories. AL - FATIHAH.

As for my mom , she gave us everything .. she's the strongest woman,the most wonderful .. undeniably , she's the main person who play an important role to every littlest things in our life . she gave us support, love, care and get involved in everything we love to do. The love she has deep in her heart, Always gives me a good jump start, She is the one who's love is true. Thank u Mom for being u . i love you MOM . i miss u soo muchh .. :')

My greatest mom & my beloved Grandpa at my uncle's wedding.

My Grandma & Grandpa in Celebrating Hari Raya. Their Heart will go on . Love Forever.

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  1. sangat menyentuh aty . apa apa pun . kuadkan semangat diri tuh yahh sygs ;)


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